“No” is a complete sentence, right? I experienced something yesterday that is probably going to leave me shook for the next couple of months.

Occasionally, I leave reviews on restaurants from which I bag a few invites to brunches and meals. This was one such event. I sip on my drink and casually walk around taking pictures and strike up conversations to generate content for my review. I see a group of young boys playing beer pong. I think it will be interesting to record them. So I walk up and introduce myself. Turns out, one boy there and I went in the same school van. I realise they’re 21 year olds, recollecting my high school days in that van with this boy in the middle school. We exchange smiles and I continue recording. My friend who’s with me joins them in the game. This boy, lets call him X.

X says to my friend, “If you lose, I get to kiss her.”

I interrupt “I’m not single. Besides, I’m not even interested” and start walking away.

He blocks my path “It’s just a game. Don’t be a spoilsport. Why are you so sure your friend will lose? Stay!” 

I stayed. I wasn’t going to kiss him anyway. Still very uninterested and on my phone. My friend loses the game. I laugh “Alright, bye now” I say, before walking away.

The next second he pushes me to the wall bruising my shoulder and before I come to terms with what’s happening, he puts his tongue down my throat. Startled and in pain, I push him off saying “NO” and dart towards the washroom. He follows me there a few minutes later. There’s a queue and I see him approaching. I shake my head signalling NO, he paces faster flashing a smirk. I turn to walk away but he grabs my arm and  me shoves me against another wall violently. I hit my head really hard this time. His hand is already over me. The blow on my head was so hard I feel like I could faint. But I desperately try not to give into the daze.

I push him saying “NO! I have to talk to my boyfriend.” Shaking off his hands from my body and walk towards my table. As lame as it sounded, I was trying to do everything to keep him away.

I call my boyfriend up and apologise to him, I felt guilt and fear “Some guy forced himself on me! I’m so sorry.” He says it’s not my fault and tries to calm me down. He asks me details of where and with whom I am. I can’t hear him with the loud music so I video call him hoping he can see me and this guy won’t come near me now. After multiple failed attempts, I settle for texting.

I keep texting him updating what has happened. He asks me to find my friend and leave. I look around and spot her. She’s busy. So I just sit there waiting till she came looking for me. A few minutes later, X comes to my table where I’m sitting.

“So, what did your boyfriend say?” he said pulling my chair towards him.

“I’m still talking to him, please leave” I say, eyes fixed on my phone.

“If you were so happy with him, you wouldn’t be here with me.” he says putting his hand on my leg. I push it off angrily.

I was sitting alone. I wasn’t with him. WTF?

“Do you really want me to stop?”

“THAT’S WHAT I’VE BEEN TELLING YOU THE PAST ONE HOUR. STOP!!!” I raise my voice but it’s only slightly louder than the music. A few eyes glance at our table.

Embarrassed now, he finally leaves.

24 hours later I’m still shaking as I write this with a blue shoulder and swollen head. Why the fuck is a “NO” not respected?

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