Master’s in Italy- DSU scholarship

This is the final post of my Master’s in Italy series. I repeatedly got reminders for this post and I’m sorry it took so long. 😬

DSU or DIRITTO ALLO STUDIO UNIVERSITARIO is a scholarship offered to students in Italian public universities based on their financial status. The best part is, everyone eligible gets it. Some earlier than the others but everyone eventually gets the scholarship if you apply following the call very closely. The call is a PDF released when the scholarship portal opens for applications. A new call is released every year so make sure you’re following the right one.

I’ve also seen that DSU works better than most merit scholarships in Italy. So if you didn’t succeed in getting one of the merit scholarships, don’t worry.

This post is going to cover documentation details for an Indian student applying from India to Politecnico di Milano. Because that was me and today the money has been credited in my account successfully. *Grins*

First step. You need to make a paper document declaring your annual family income, property owned and number of members in the family. This can either be three separate documents or combined in one. I composed it on one A4 sheet. This way you save money in the next few steps. Lesser the number of papers, the better.

Second step. Go to any of the high court campuses and get this information put on a hundred rupee stamp paper. Get it then notarized with a notary in the same place. In Bangalore I went to Mayo Hall and got it done in about 30 minutes. I was charged 300 INR for the seal and signature and 100 INR for the stamp paper.

Third step. You need to send this document for an apostille stamp and SDM seal to Delhi. I sent mine through PEC attestation services. They took about 3 days to send me the soft copy and mailed the hardcopy back to me in about 5 days. They charged about 2500 INR

Fourth step. You now need to get this document along with all the signatures and seals, translated to Italian. Make sure you do it with a trusted agency, because any error here can cost you the scholarship. I translated mine through Indo Italian chamber of commerce. Mr. Manoj was extremely helpful and punctual. They charged about 1200 INR and mailed it back to me in three days.

Now that all of this is done, apply for the scholarship on the portal when it opens. It was 9th of August for me when I applied this year. You will get a confirmation receipt. E mail this receipt along with your document (family income certificate), it’s translation and a copy of your passport to the CAAF office. The email ID will be given in the call. This email is your request for an ISEE. Your ISEE value that they calculate based on the information you provided decides whether or not you’re eligible for the scholarship.

If you’ve followed all these steps correctly and if your family income falls under the bracket mentioned in the call, you will most likely be a beneficiary or fall under the eligible category.

The value of the scholarship will be mentioned in the call as well. Make sure you’ve read everything. I’m a beneficiary and I had opted for University residence instead of the full amount. It works out better for me, I have my own room and I get some money for personal expenses every six months. Apart from this, as a beneficiary we get a small amount everyday for food which can be used to either buy a meal or buy groceries. So basically, your food, accommodation and travel is sorted.

The only drawback is you would have already spent a lot of money before the scholarship kicks in. So don’t expect to study in Italy free of cost. My expenses before the scholarship kicked in was approximately 2-2.5 lakhs INR for 3 months and it was covered by my parents and a student loan. Just be prepared to spend the entire amount for the degree and then be relieved when the scholarship kicks in. Lol.

Hope this series of blogs has been helpful. Drop a comment if you have anything to say. Good luck guys!