It was a Good Run, Love

Exes are always looked at with hatred and despise. But this one is not going to be about that and everything you didn’t do because there isn’t any. You really raised my standards on what to expect in a relationship. Step by step motivating me to become a better version of myself. You pushed me to learn more and experience more. To run and chase my dreams. I was someone who had been in relationships before but never did I know it was okay to be kissed in front of your friends. Never did I know that it was okay to hold hands in public. Never did I know it was okay to be introduced to your parents. So thank you for the firsts. Firsts of so many experiences I can never finish naming them all if I started to. But I’m going to try.

“Will you be my girl?” you said right after our first kiss. You know how rare that is? To find someone who knows what they want on day one? For all the late night calls when my parents were fighting their heads off. For all the encouragement when I wasn’t sure I could handle my colleagues at work. For pushing me to tell my parents about the sexual abuse I faced as a child. For knowing what to say in every situation I’ve had trouble in. For always prioritizing me and simply being so proud I was your girlfriend. For indulging me in intellectual conversations that opened my mind to thoughts I never had before. For staying up discussing my projects with me and giving me your ideas. For trusting me enough to involve me in your work. Thank you.

For showering me with kisses and compliments every single day. For reading to me when I was having panic dreams everyday at one point. For trying your best to understand and help me through my anxiety attacks. For fighting for us and wanting long distance to work so bad. For making me mashed potatoes whenever you got the chance because I love it. For wanting to know who my friends were and spending time with them. For the many massages and the pillow talks. For always considering my opinions. Thank you.

Never once during the relationship did I have to put in effort in my appearance unless I wanted to. Never once did I have to do anything I didn’t want to.

I wish we didn’t have to end but we do. I spent time and emotions on us and gave it everything I could. When you look back on these three years, I hope it fills your heart with warmth. I hope you know that you were loved and appreciated unconditionally. I hope I made you as happy as you made me. I only wish the best for you. I wish you find exactly what you are looking for and someone will someday make you happier than I think I did. I wish you achieve every single one of your dreams. Know that I am proud of the person you are and grateful for having spent these years with you. And last of all, I hope that someday (if not now) we can find it in us to be friends again because it was a good run, Love.

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