Body Shaming

Don’t call them fat
We’ve heard them say
But the thin ones,
Aren’t let away.
‘Skinny bitches’,
One of many names.
Our character decided,
By our body frames.
Boys like curves,
Go eat some more.
We’re forced to eat,
Till our stomach’s sore.
Don’t wear that dress,
Cover up those bones.
A childhood spent,
In oversized clothes.
This needs to stop,
Bodies shamed.
Thin or fat,
They’re all the same.
Our Minds messed up,
Trying our best,
To impress society,
In this body quest.
We are all perfect,
In our varied frames.
Quit shaming bodies,
And calling names.

5 responses to “Body Shaming”

  1. I know people
    People soo skinny
    But iam fat it sucks
    They are atleast someones crush
    Some see at at us and just say yucks
    we are treat’d like a cleaning brush
    But when they’ll on who we are
    Rather than look judge who we were
    But one day they’ll understand iam sure

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    1. I speak for all kinds of body shaming, they’re all wrong. ♥


  2. heismytreasuretrove Avatar

    This poem has so may issues addressed. I encourage you to write more of these. Good job, man.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I definitely will. 😊


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