Random thoughts: God and Death.

So, it’s been a while. Hi guys! This is going to be the most random post. A lot of thoughts has been in and out of my head lately. I’m gonna try and put them down. First about my confusion on a superior power and then about our darkest days.

Some of the first things that I get on introducing myself as a catholic are

“So you guys drink?”

“You guys are so religious.”

“You must be going to church all day everyday.”

“Are you going to take me to church?”

“Oh God, please don’t talk about Jesus.”

Honestly guys, I’m as clueless as most of you’ll reading this. I was born into this religion, I’d probably be much more aware if I had converted to it. Let me answer some of those questions..

I do drink with family and friends.

I go to church every Sunday. This is mostly because I like the music there, I like the ambience, I like the peace. I have never ‘heard’ God speak to me in church but I’ve heard myself speak to me a billion times. It’s like a voice within trying to talk to me all the time but there’s too much chaos in my head which only calms down here. At church. I have definitely been able to do this on hills, forts, cliffs too. But in the city, church is the most accessible. So I go whenever I can. I’d barely call myself religious because I love going to church.

Will I take you to church?I’d rather go by myself ’cause I like that alone time.

Will I talk about Jesus? If you ask me something that I may know the answer to, I will. Most often, I don’t so that’s that.

Keeping religion and all of this aside I do have some incidents that I’ve witnessed and still haven’t been able to understand. Which is why I started to write this.

My grandfather died of severe diabetes a few years ago. While on his death bed, one night he began talking in his sleep.

“No, not today. Give me three days. I need to see my children and grand children one last time” He said very calmly, still asleep.

He didn’t remember this the next morning and we ignored it.

Three days later, he passed on.

I was there when this happened. And I heard these exact words. Cutting to another incident.

My aunt was in the hospital, critically ill and unable to really converse. We were all around her saying a small prayer when she opened her eyes and said “I’m ready.”

She passed away later that evening and these two words were the only words spoken all week.

Now my question is, whom are these people talking to? Do we all see a person/ a power when we’re about to die? Is it our ancestors, is it a superior power? Your thoughts on this please.


Another thought completely random and unrelated. Answer this question before scrolling down.

What has been your worst day until now?













Did that day involve a death? Someone’s death. Someone close to you, maybe even a pet?

Mine involved the death of an uncle, a father figure.

I was wondering if anything worse than this could happen to a person? Or this thing called “death” is the ultimate. Your thoughts on this.

One response to “Random thoughts: God and Death.”

  1. heismytreasuretrove Avatar

    Hi, Mariette. I see that this was posted last month, and I’m not sure if it’s too late to respond to it now. But I see that you are in a place where most of us are struggling to grapple with, and I understand that. Yes, I have been in the hole of uncertainty too. But I wish to know more about what has brought you to contemplate this whole matter. Please get in touch with me personally or here, if you are comfortable so I can understand more of what you are really trying to bring to the fore.


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