First month in Milan

I’m going to keep this as positive as I can while being completely honest. I landed here one month ago. A new country all by myself where I don’t even know the local language. I had to get to my AirBnB with two big trolleys, one large backpack and one handbag. Thanks to my social skills, I made friends with a fellow clueless girl and we got to our respective places (4 large suitcases and 2 big bags on a bus and then a cab) reading pictures, logos and symbols. I had the most amazing host. She took care of everything I needed and I was all set to turn 25 that night in Milan. I spent time to dress up even to get a sim card and travel card. We had a welcome party at University, some beer and games. By then I was already in a group with Indians. I wanted to go home but they wanted to eat out and I couldn’t go alone, late night on my first night. So I tagged along. We didn’t find anything great, walked in the wrong direction for kilometers and then in the right direction for kilometers. Eventually reached a tiny pizzeria. Ate some pizza and then decided to leave. Now it was too late for any of the girls to walk me home and then walk back to their rooms. So I just decided to do it alone and then a guy I just met, offered to walk me. I reached home. Turned 25 in my AirBnB. No one wished me that night because of the time difference back home and no one here knew it was my birthday. As much as I didn’t want the fuss, I still wanted a little bit of fuss. It was a big birthday after all. Next day, I dress up and we go finish some documentation work, it takes up the entire day. And it officially is my first birthday where I didn’t cut a cake. Look at me fussing over something so tiny in my head. Blissfully unaware of the huge fucking storm ahead. Another day passes and it’s the weekend, my brother comes over from Germany. I have 3 good friends by now. We all hang and check out Milan over the weekend. My new amazing friends also get me a cake. Lol. Oh btw, my AirBnB ends on Monday and I have no place to go to. It’s Sunday now! So I spend the entire day and night looking for a place, both physically and online. Exhausted, I wake up on Monday and talk to my host to check if she can help me. It was too late. So I decided to get another AirBnB for a week or longer. Looked up and found a shared room. Booked it for 2 weeks and my card was charged for it. But immediately I get a text from the host saying she forgot to remove her listing from the site and it wasn’t available. So I contact customer service and they tell me they will cancel it but my money will be refunded after 18 days. 18 FREAKIN’ DAYS. My brother left that night and I posted ads all over public groups in Milan. One person contacted me, I just took the place without seeing it and without checking the location. I had to move that night! I paid 400 € for a loft for one month. Finally with sometime to breathe, I decided to go pick up some groceries and cook a nice meal. My flatmate was good. I had no complaints. Had a good meal and then on the weekend the indian group I tagged along with planned a trip to Como. I obviously went cause I was super stressed and it was the last weekend. It was a nice ‘much needed’ vacation. Monday my classes began, and guess what? The entire class had timetables allotted except me. So I just attended the class I had chosen as prority. Groups were made. I gave it my best shot to make friends and be social. End of the day, I get my timetable and I was allotted my second priority. I quickly run to my allotted class, and find it empty. They were done for the day. Next day was a holiday so I spent it casually looking through ads for a permanent house. Then in my next class, I talked to people to find out which group I belonged to. I didn’t have a group allotted. Everyone had made friends already. I just didn’t have the energy in me to make another awkward conversation. Sat in class, tearing up. Just then, the girl behind me taps my shoulder to say ‘hi’. If I turned back I would be the loser cry baby. I stood up and walked straight to the restroom and returned and then said ‘hi’ to her. lol.
Meanwhile I visited a house and really liked it. It was 400€ again. I talked to my dad about it and he said if I waited, I may find something cheaper. But it’s stupid of me to take advice from someone who’s not in my situation. I know what’s best for me at the moment. I listened to him and didn’t confirm. However I changed my mind in the morning and called the owner up. The place wasn’t available anymore. This is when it hit me. I needed to find a place ASAP. my scholarship office on the other hand had given a deadline of two weeks from then to submit a residence contract to them. Else I would lose my scholarship. My friends and I met almost every single day and called up landlords and searched for ads. There was always some issue. Either no contract or extremely far or extremely expensive or ridiculous agency fees or they didn’t speak English. This went on for a week. By now, group work in University had started and I just didn’t have to time to contribute. I was going late to lectures and standing awkwardly cause there was no chair left in class. All this because I was house hunting in every free hour. I also needed extra money which my brother offered to give if I made a local account. So I go to the bank every morning 5 days in a row and just before my turn, they stop activating cards for the day on all 5 days. Now I’m homeless, short of money and deadline is really fast approaching. Someone contacts me and offers to make me a fake Contract if i paid 500€. I was desperate. I said okay and I had to find a group of 4 for one contract to process. A group found me. We fixed on a date. Another girl contacted me and asked if I wanted to book a house together. I said yes, this was safer. So we met and tried booking online. But the owners kept rejecting the dates we required. We gave up and left. Same day, my friend tags me in an ad and I talk to the person. It’s available for 500€. We decided to meet the next day and sign the contract. I’ve also promised the fake Contract group for the same day. Just in case. Next day I leave my house at 6.30am and head straight to the bank. Finally get my card activated. I then headed straight to the office to sign my contract. I’m given the keys and I finally relax and go back to University to work on my group assignment. My laptop chooses this day to fuck up. It just wouldn’t stay on. So you can figure how much I contributed. I tried researching on my phone and then my phone starting blowing up with calls from the fake contract group. They started threatening me if I didn’t show up, they’d be pissed. I turned off my phone and just went home after that. My friend came over, we had wine and some food and I finally rested in peace. Literally. I packed my bags this morning and handed over my keys. Off to my new place right now which I hope will be the start of good things. Because it hasn’t been the best till date.
Milan, please be nice to me.

3 responses to “First month in Milan”

  1. It’s gonna be alright. 🙂


    1. It’s getting better 🙂


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