10 Semesters of Architecture.

This one’s about the things that we begin Caring about with or without realizing.

Sem I- 

Pencils. pencils in all shapes, sizes and colors. we have them lying all over the studio or our house.

No food? It’s alright I have pencils.

Since we’re only allowed to use pencils in this Sem, and of course we get introduced to STEADTLER. Most of us, until now thought Faber Castle was the fanciest brand of stationery.

And no we’re not talking about the Click-pencil, but the actual wooden pencil that needs to be shaved to use.

I bet no one our age (non-Architecture students) would even have one of these within 50m Radius of their houses.

Sem II-

Buildings, Façades, Textures, Colors, Fonts Bla Bla Bla. Now we literally start walking on streets like we just got our vision back and everything is glowing and slapping ARCHITECTURE in our face. We might just start talking about how “sexy” a random window looks and probably get the death-stare from our friends cause they were listening hoping it was a girl/boy and not a window.

Haha! Joke’s on them.

Sem III-

Drafting Sheets. We carry these Babies like their life is more precious than our own. The place we work on our sheets is literally Off-limits for anyone who doesn’t breathe architecture. We will guard them with our lives.

This is when we actually start putting in efforts into our sheets and even God will refuse to save you if you leave a thumb-print on our sheet. WE MEAN IT.

Sem IV-

Models, Cutters, Xacto knife, Glue guns, Cutting mats.

No these aren’t murder weapons but things you’ll find lying all over our room/studio floor. The place is literally an obstacle race and you are bound to cut your feet if you enter our room cause, that innocent looking piece of cotton probably had an xacto knife hidden under it.

Hey don’t tell us we didn’t warn you!

We are so possessive of our models after all we’ve put in our sweat and blood (If you look closely, you’ll find blood) that if we happen to fall down the stairs holding one of these and hear a crack, we pray to every God possible that was our leg that broke and not the model.

Sem V-

AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Revit, 3Ds MAX, Photoshop, Sketch-up. They sound like names of aliens from another galaxy.

So these are the softwares we need to learn by the time we graduate to get a job somewhere. Until now we were probably using some handed down antique-piece as a laptop to store notes and those cute study-tour pictures.

But this is the semester we go laptop shopping and install all sorts of anti-viruses and as many of these softwares as possible (cracked version of course) with the help of the tech-geek that we are all blessed with in our very own class.

We literally carry it everywhere we go and WE WILL NOT part with it even at gun-point. It just knows way too much about us OK?

Sem VI-

Red Bull, Monster, Cuba, Coffee, Tea. Pick your source of caffeine.

This is the semester we begin our all-nighters! It’s not what you think and some of our workaholics probably started 2 semesters ago. But an average student like me got introduced to Red Bull in this Sem. It was my life saver for that night that I had 4 sheets to draft and one whole model to make. Trust us, WE DO NOT SLEEP AT ALL. Not even a minute. Cause we are so sleep deprived, we just cant take the risk of sleeping for 10 minutes and waking up 24 hours later.

Sem VII-

This is the semester we suddenly have to take out a note-pad and write down who has what portfolio of ours. We scratch our brains out trying to recall, cause it’s our last semester actually attending classes and we need to compose our digital portfolio to apply for internships. Lucky for me, most of mine was handed down to just one junior. But sometimes it can get messy when you don’t recall who took your stuff and they wouldn’t own up either.


This semester is completely dedicated to thesis and begging Firms to give us an internship. All this while, you might’ve overrated yourself and thought you’d land yourself one, the minute you apply. Haha how cute were we? we start by sending 2 Firms our portfolios and waiting. 5 days later, no response. This continues for a while and 3 weeks later we’re applying to firms that have Yahoo E-mail addresses. Or maybe even Hotmail. 😀

Like thesis wasn’t stressing us out enough already?

Sem IX & X

These two semesters are either going to be the best of the five years or the

worst. That solely depends on the standards you set for yourself. You start

going to office like an actual architect but probably end up printing all day.

So there you are, completely dressed in formals and staring at the printer

go on and on all day. The good part is, the friends you make in those 8

months will last a lifetime, guaranteed.


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