5 Kinds of people Architecture students deal with.

Since architecture has become popular very recently, you’re going to come across some annoying people who don’t know what you do but will definitely have a huge irrelevant opinion to slap in your face. I’ve put together some of my own experiences, do share if you’ve been there!

1. Uncles and Aunties.

These people have never even heard of your course in the first place. So when they ask you what you’re doing in life, You muster up all the courage you have to say “ENGINEERING”. Yes, I’m doing engineering. 

I hate you for making me say that. 

But it’s also easier than explaining to you what Architecture is. 

2. That Civil Engineering Friend.

(Sorry I had to. :P)

This one friend of yours has done everything with you and you both have the same thoughts. You probably even wrote NATA together. But they take up civil engineering cause they think it’s an actual job and who needs an Architect anyway when you can just google stuff up? They also think we do ARTS AND CRAFTS in our goddamn studio.

3. Random person who wants to know what an Architect does.

This person looked educated enough and so you took your chance and said you’re studying architecture.

“Oh you’re the bunch of students who always goes on trips and are always having fun right? I love drawing too! I wish I had taken up Architecture.”

For the love of GOD!! we do NOT “draw”!! 

OK we do draw. But it’s not Drawing. It’s Drafting. AND IT IS NOT EASY.

4. Boyfriend/ Girlfriend.

So you somehow managed to find time to Balance social life and Studio life and landed in a relationship (those who are dating other architecture students, lucky you).

The others,

They take forever to get used to your work schedule and then when you feel bad for them and spare the 2 hour sleep time you get in one day to talk to them, they mange to say stupid things like “what are you so busy, doing all day?” “it’s just sticking stuff together” 

Let me tell you my experience.

so we were talking and he asks me, 

“What do you’ll actually do? Do you’ll decide the number of pillars (yea he said pillars. lol) and things like that?”

“We could do that but that’s mostly the engineer’s work! We stick to the designing part.”

“You mean interiors?”

“Umm. NO. We do the whole building except the structural part.”

 “Even a maestri can do that no? why would I hire you?”

“WOW. Now I Have to Break up With you.”

5. Engineering Batch-mate.

So this person asks you how your “placements” went and you explain to them that we don’t have placements. We just mail samples of our work to Firms we want to work at.

They are so shocked and think we have it so easy.

Um. Why don’t you try Mailing as many as 55 Offices and then receive 2 replies which are Auto-Generated and then no sign of a job for another 10 days. Then when you finally get a mail with a positive reply, You have to check where the City is on google maps cause you’ve never heard of it (did you know there’s a city called Aurangabad? If you did, did you know it’s in Maharashtra? No? thought so). 

Yep, we RARELY get an internship in our own city. PG life for one year! WOOT WOOT.

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