That Guy on an Enfield.


Then comes the guy, With tattoos and an earring.

Riding an Enfield, He promises you he’s not boring.

You’re blinded by this Refreshing change in guys.

The monotonous boys before, Have made you welcome his lies.

He says all the right things, And leads you on for months.

Soon he’ll vanish and, All you’ll have are treasure hunts.

He does not make up for, Forgetting your birthday.

You let it go pretending, It’s no big deal anyway.

He takes you for ice cream, And you think he’s a winner.

Weeks later he buys another girl Flowers and dinner.

You get mad and shut down, You don’t want to talk.

He does not even try or care And might just block.

You’re head over heels, And aching for his phone call.

Days turn into nights, But you get nothing at all.

Your friends warned you About this day remember?

You were so in love, You didn’t pay heed that December.

Memories begin to fade And wounds start to heal.

You smile after weeks hoping, This chapter is closed with a seal.

Just then your phone buzzes, Satan has sensed your happiness.

He texts you an apology And you turn into a hot mess.

You forget all the hurting And run back into fire.

Hoping he’s changed his ways And not the same old liar.

You burn for the fourth time There’s no more pain.

You snap back to your senses, And shut that drain.

This time you don’t respond, Don’t give in to your weakness.

You realize your worth and Won’t settle for less.

A few tries later, He finally lets you go,

You silently hope his next victim, Is not a girl you know.


-Mariette L V Robin

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