5 Life Lessons My Dog’s Death Taught Me.

1. Always pick phone calls.

This may not seem like a life lesson till I actually explain what had happened. A bunch of my friends and I were chilling at a friends house after skipping class. I got a phone call from my Mom, she had this telepathy thing. Always called me up when I was somewhere I wasn’t supposed to be. So I just stared at the phone till the call ended. This happened with an interval of 10 minutes, half-hour later, I finally answered annoyed to find out what she wanted and she was weeping on the other end as she said “Prince died baby.” She was calling me when he was critical, so I could go see him.

 Word of advice.

Always answer your phone, no matter who is calling at what time. There is a possibility it could be an emergency and you will never forgive yourself if it was one whether you like that person or not.

2. Never leave a place mad at someone.

Now this is something I didn’t do and so grateful for it. Just before leaving my house that day I went and gave my dog the biggest hug ever, planted a kiss on his forehead and  said “It’s just an upset stomach, you’ll be fine Pinchy-boy.” I hugged my dog every single day before leaving the house and several times when I was at home. How beautiful would it be if we showed this kind of love to the humans in our house? I didn’t know I would never see my dog again but I had the satisfaction that I got to say goodbye.

 Word of advice.

Always leave on good-terms, you don’t know if you’ll ever see that person again. Scary, but that’s how life works.

3. Take lots and lots of pictures with people you love.

I had a million pictures OF my dog but just handful WITH him. These few pictures were the ones that actually helped me cope with his loss. It reminded me of the many memories we had and how he never could pose without showering me with his drool. At that moment I realized I didn’t really have as many pictures with my own parents. Maybe a Christmas or Easter picture where we were all dressed up. But what about the day I had that hilarious zit on the tip of my nose and my Dad wouldn’t stop making fun of me? Or that day I cookd dinner for mom and she was so happy about it?

 Word of advice.

Take pictures! It may sound immature, but that’s what helps you at the end of the day when you go through something as terrible.

4. Keep in touch with people.

I had like two friends and a handful of cousins that I kept in touch with regularly. Now I didn’t find the need to keep in touch with that many people cause my dog helped me through everything. Heart-breaks, excess work load, loss of a relative. Name the tragedy and he’s been there for me! But what about when I lost Him? The two friends I had were there for me but they wouldn’t understand the pain I was going through cause they didn’t have a dog. That’s when I poured my heart out to every dog-lover I knew and it helped me so much.

 Word of advice.

Stay in touch with everyone you know. You need to communicate with people, that’s just how humans work. Each person has a different role in your life and you met them for a reason.

5. Be by your Family’s side.

I always thought I was the closest to my dog since I spent the most time with him at home. I was wrong. Mom, Dad and my Brother had equally undergone a loss and were in pain. The only way we could get through this was if we stood by each other’s side. It was the first time I had seen my Dad cry in all of my 21 years. We grew closer in this period and helped each other to make it through.

 Word of advice.

If your family is going through a crisis, never ever leave them to deal with it alone. They might get external help but it’s not as effective as your own family.

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