Why Hook-up when you can grow up?

What has happened to Love these days?

Where is all the romance?

Didn’t dating mean a dinner for two,

a bottle of wine, and some slow dance?


What has happened to taking her out?

She may not want to come over and chill.

Especially not, when you’re too afraid,

to tread the commitment hill.


Why do you guys run and hide when,

She calls you her boyfriend online?

Should’ve thought about it before

leading her on with a sign.


Don’t be the guy she remembers and dreads,

while lecturing her daughter.

Instead work towards being there

on that day, right beside her.


We need to stop this hook-up culture

and treating humans as sex objects.

We got to learn to respect each other

and stop having our fights over texts.


Stop throwing away potential relationships

just after the honeymoon phase ended.

Didn’t our grandparents teach us that,

they were meant to be mended?


Why are relationships based on sex?

She might want to wait till marriage.

So what if she’s a 25 year old virgin?

Don’t talk her into your hook-up carriage.


Why are we so busy observing and judging?

So what if she fell in love and isn’t a virgin?

You have no right to pass a judgement

or conclude that she committed a sin.


It’s time we took dating seriously and

quit, like animals, Hooking-up.

It’s time we learn from our parents

how to fix things and grow up!

-Mariette L V Robin

Disclaimer- This poem is NOT directed towards all men.

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