It was their 5th fight. By ‘fight’, I mean the regular ‘Delete contact-Pretend the other person does not exist-Move on-Apologize-Get back together’ fight. Sometimes you find it difficult to let go of souls that aren’t good for you and the other person takes this for granted.

    Sarah and Luke had met at a Photocopy shop in their locality. They say, you meet the most interesting people in the strangest of places.

Sprawled on her bed, eyes fixed on the ceiling fan, Sarah recalled their first fight. It was an argument on something petty and would’ve sorted out the next day. But that’s not what happened. That night Sarah’s Dad woke up with a coughing-fit and his temperature was soaring. She and her mom had to rush him to the hospital at 2 a.m. They suspected Dengue cause of the high body temperature. The doctor suggested that one person stayed with her dad and the other could go get some rest. Sarah had forgotten that she and Luke had argued and dialed his number.

“Hello!” Luke answered after five rings.

“Hey, I’m so sorry to call you, but I didn’t know whom else to call. My Dad is in hospital and mom needs a ride back home. Can you come?”

“I’m so sorry, what happened?”

“He woke up with a coughing fit.”

“I’ll be there, call me once you’re ready to leave.”

“Thank you Luke, I really appreciate this.”

Sarah ended the call and walked towards her mom. Pushing stray hair off her Mom’s worried forehead, she said “My friend will take you home, get some rest ma.”

“Sebastian Evans.” The nurse called out just then. Sarah and her Mom turned to see the nurse signaling at them to come forward.

She asked them to fill up some paperwork after which one of them could leave. Sarah immediately called Luke to inform him that her mom was ready. There was no answer. She tried again, and six more times after that. Each time, the ringing sound getting more annoying than the previous time.

“Ugh, ma, he’s not picking.”

“Call up one of Steve’s friends” her mom said.

Sarah hated this, she had one opportunity to prove that she could get through on her own without Steve’s help. Steve was her brother, he was studying in London. As much as she didn’t want it, she had no choice and Steve’s friend Jamie was there in exactly 10 minutes after the  phone-call. Jamie smelled of stale Whiskey, but He was there and Luke wasn’t.

This made her mad and emotional. But she wasn’t dating Luke, how could she expect this from him? She wasn’t dating Jamie either, and he was there. Her mind was a mess as she sat on the attender’s bed, with her back against the wall and arms hugging her knees watching her Dad toss around trying to get some sleep in the semi-private ward.

This was it, Luke had disappeared after that day. No phone calls. No texts. It had reached the ‘Delete contact and move on’ stage of the first fight.

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