There was a knock on Sarah’s room door followed by her mom asking her to have dinner. She knew it was a trap. If she went immediately, she’d have to set the table for dinner. So she rolled out of bed and caught herself making eye contact with her reflection on her dressing mirror. Luke always set his hair looking at himself on that mirror. She remembered how she’d look at him make faces at the mirror just appreciating everything about him. She could watch him for hours.

“Sarah! Don’t make your dinner wait!” Her mom yelled from across the living room.

“Coming Ma!”

She went to the bathroom to wash her hands and noticed a dried up tear at the corner of her left eye while looking at herself in the bathroom mirror. She rubbed her eyes with wet fingers and took in a deep breath. It made her feel a little better.

Every one ate dinner silently that day. It was almost like they knew something was wrong and allowed her to have her space. In five minutes, she was done with dinner and stood up to leave her used plate.

“You know, none of this would matter in a few months right?” Her dad said, taking a sip from his glass of regular gin with chilli slices.

“Whatever it is, that’s bothering you.” He continued.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about dad” she said walking into her room and closing the door behind her. With her back against the door, she slid down to the floor. She didn’t cry this time. She remembered how she cried after every fight with Luke before. This was the fifth time and this time she didn’t.

Their second fight was the messiest of the five fights. Luke had called her, drunk one night. He always used his drunk avatar to manipulate Sarah.

“I’m so sorry I just left like that” he said. “I know I was a jerk, but I had a lot of stuff going on and needed to clear my head out”

Little did she know, that this would be Luke’s standard excuse in the next four fights.

“You left in the wrong time, Luke” She said fighting her tears. But she missed him and He apologized, what more could she expect? A week after that phone call, they were dating. He asked her to be his girlfriend in her very own room and They kissed after. She still remembered how she felt butterflies going bonkers in her belly, like a teenager in love.

Sarah had to go on a tour from college the day after that. She was one among a select few who were lucky to make it on that list. She would be gone for four days.

“Don’t forget to call me every day?” Luke said and planted a kiss on her cheek.

“I will, now go already! I need to pack” she said, playfully pushing him out of her room.

“Okaaay, Okaay!” He hugged her. She felt so protected in his Tattooed arms. Almost like a Bad boy who’s good only to her.

“Bye” Luke said letting go and walked out. She watched him get on his Enfield, kick start it and leave.

That evening, Sarah got on to the bus and said good bye to her parents through the window. With every foot that the bus moved, her parents walked and caught up. All the other parents had left except for hers. Finally when her bus made it out of that depot, she dialed Luke’s number to tell him she left and everything was fine. There was no answer. She didn’t think mush of it and settled down trying to get comfortable on that cramped seat. Two hours into the journey, There was still no response from Luke. She sat there listening to her best friend talk to her boy friend of two years while she stared out the window taking in all the oxygen she could get. Three hours later there was still no text or call.

This is not happening again! Sarah thought to herself choking up. She wrapped a scarf around her head so no one would see her tears and put on ear plugs. The next morning Sarah and her roommates freshened up and went to have breakfast. All she could think of was, Luke. Why hadn’t he called? Did he just ask me to be his girlfriend so he could get into my room? Nooo. He wouldn’t. He couldn’t.

“So? Did he finally call?” Her best friend Jane asked on the way back to the room.

“Uh. No.” She replied, disinterested.

Jane had disapproved of Luke after the first fight, But she supported Sarah because she could see how much she liked him. But Sarah wasn’t ready for the ‘I told you so!’

“Try again!” Jane said holding Sarah’s shoulder. “He’s your boyfriend, There shouldn’t be any ego with him, woman.” she said, giggling.

“Okay, Woman.” Sarah said and redialed for the fifteenth time.

she rolled her eyes waiting for him to answer. She had lost hope in Luke.

“Hello” Luke answered. Her face lit up as she smiled at Jane.

“I told you so”, Jane Mouthed to Sarah and walked away giving her privacy.

“Hi baby, What happened? Why weren’t you answering?” Sarah asked Luke.

“Just busy with work” He said casually.

I reached safely, Thanks for asking” Sarah exclaimed throwing in some sarcasm.

“Oh, Good. listen?” He said.


“I Gotta go okay? Some Customers Just came in.”

“Sure, I Love.. Before she could finish her sentence, Luke hung up. He worked in a watch store, the guy was Good with words, could sell anything. Probably that’s the reason why Sarah was head over Heels about him. She knew something wasn’t right about that phone call. So she texted him.

“Hey! You sounded very distant, something wrong?”

He saw the text and didn’t reply.

“Reply? Please?” She sent another one trying hard to not feel shame.

He typed for a while, She waited patiently. Seven whole minutes later he sent a text that was going to crush Sarah and her tour.

“Listen, I’m not ready for a relationship. Sorry.”

Her whole world stood still for a while. Luke had dumped her over a text in two days. She was choking up again, as she turned around trying desperately to spot Jane. Jane saw Sarah before she could and ran to her.

“What did that jerk say?” She said, sounding Pissed off.

Sarah just showed her the chat screen and stood still. She felt numb.

“Tomorrow is Sunday, I need to go to church.” Sarah said completely out of topic.

“Cool, I’ll come with you.” Jane said, puzzled at Sarah’s reaction.

The next day they asked around and made their way to the nearest Church. It was closed.

“I didn’t want to go in anyway.” Sarah said as she sat herself down on the entrance stairs. They both sat there leaning on seperate pillars and said nothing. A while later, Jane got bugged and took out her phone. She aimlessly scrolled through all social media apps and suddenly looked up from her phone, at Sarah. She then passed her phone to Her. It was Luke. He had posted a Picture with a girl and captioned it with heart emojis. Sarah looked at the picture for two seconds, handed the phone back and continued staring at the plants like nothing had happened. They left after the Sun had set.

This was their second fight. Sarah didn’t cry the entire tour, she had come on a break from college stress. Nothing was going to ruin this tour for her. Till she went back home to the room where they kissed. Then she let it all out.

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  1. Uffff. Glued, I’m.


    1. Lol these are so old, embarrassing. XD


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