It is the second day after their fifth fight. Sarah woke up later than usual but it didn’t bother her much since she was on holidays. She had slept well after a long time and she wondered what made her feel so different. She missed Luke. A lot. But not in a ‘I forgive Him’ way but in a ‘Is he thinking about me too?’ way. Either ways, it didn’t matter anymore. Luke wasn’t coming back this time. Not after that long text she sent him last morning.  She never sent him a text that was so emotional and moving before.

After brushing, Sarah went into the living room to grab some breakfast before hitting the shower. There was a plate with seven neatly stacked fluffy pancakes with chocolate syrup oozing out from between them.

“It’s your new favourite” Her mom said lifting two off the stack with a spatula and placing it on Sarah’s plate.

“Thanks ma!” She said awkwardly.

Her mom was wrong, in fact she was far from right. Sarah hated eating sweet stuff for breakfast. She had told mom pancakes were her favorite a few months ago cause of Luke. He told her he was coming home for breakfast and asked her to make some pancakes for him. She did. And he didn’t turn up that day and three times after that day. So when her mom noticed the missing flour Sarah told her she absolutely loved pancakes and was trying out different kinds.

“Brandon is coming home today.” Her mom said, placing another one on her plate.

“Enough ma!” she said making an annoyed face.

“Take him out for some Ice cream.” her mom said, completely ignoring her expression and pulled out a chair to sit down.

Brandon was her little cousin from the Philippines. He lived a few blocks away and absolutely adored Sarah.

“You’re paying.” Sarah said, Holding back a smile and  stood up and walked to the kitchen, gulping down her coffee.

Brandon was there in an hour’s time and they went to Baskin Robbins.

“What do you want kiddo?” Sarah asked scanning the menu card with her eyes.

“Bubble-gum flavour in a cone” He replied.

Her heart literally skipped a beat. That was the exact same flavour Luke had picked when he took her to ice-cream in that very parlor. She hated it when her friends cried over break-ups and got reminded of their exes in everything they did. But this was crazy.

Trying to act normal she ordered ” One bubble-gum and one Belgian Chocolate please.”

She couldn’t help herself, she ordered the flavour she had taken that day with Luke for herself.

“So? How’s high school Bran?” She asked trying to take her mind off Luke.

“I hate it.” He said, biting into his cone. “Bullies everywhere!” He rolled his eyes.

“Uh-Huh” Sarah replied Glancing at the table where Luke and she had sat, before walking out.

“You’ll get through all of that Bran.” She said petting his head. “It’s going to be the best days of your life. Trust me.”

Their third fight was Just after that Ice cream date she remembered. After another one of Luke’s Drunken apologies, they were a couple again. Same excuse. Same Conversation. She couldn’t help it when it came to Luke. They say everyone has one person who is their weakness, and no matter what they do, you always find yourself forgiving them. He was her weakness.

He had come home to Chill over a movie and some Jello.

“Aren’t you over dressed?” She asked, looking at his crisp white shirt on Blue jeans, and then at her heart print navy pajamas.

“I’m coming to see you no?” He said and smiled at her. She flushed.

“So? What do we watch?” She asked him locking her fingers in his.

“Oh, we’re actually watching a movie?” He said giggling.


“Play some music instead?” He said and kissed her hand.

Typical fuckboy attitude huh? But Sarah was way into Luke to realize anything. Even her friends couldn’t snap her out of this addiction. They warned her that they would leave, if she continued and she stopped telling them. Just like a drug addict who hides her drug. He was her drug.

But she didn’t let him do anything more than kiss her, that day.

“Stop. Periods.” She said just when he started getting ‘Frisky’.

Soon enough, He received a phone call and had to leave. That’s what the white shirt was for.

“I love you.” he said placing one last kiss on her lips and then gave her that warm protective hug that she was a sucker for.

“Don’t go.” Sarah said giving him the puppy-dog face.

“I have to Baby. I’ll call you, okay?” He said and left.

She watched him till he rode off.

The next morning she called him up. He didn’t answer, but texted a while later.


He always sent that extra Y in his ‘hey’. It made him seem like he was a little excited.



“I’ll call?”

“Text no?”

“Okay so what are you upto?”

“Nm. you?”

“How was yesterday?”


“Where you went?”



Sarah was annoyed with the way he was responding. So she left her phone aside and went to watch T.V.

She checked her phone four hours later. Nothing from Luke. She gave him some space cause she felt like she was forcing him to talk to her.

He texted that night.


“Hi love. Took you long enough!”

“I need to tell you something”

“Sure, anything baby!”

“I don’t think I have feelings for you anymore. Please don’t conclude I’m a jerk. I tried, It’s just not the same.”

Sarah snapped back to her senses from the flash back. She didn’t wanna go to the part with tears. sitting on her study chair, now, she thought to herself. How many more time was she going to put herself through this before finally walking away? Why had she given him so many chances in the first place, when all she felt was negativity around him. She recalled Zaid.

She was in Love before Luke with a boy from her class. Zaid was the Love of her life. He made her feel all kinds of clean ‘high’. He didn’t drink or smoke, so he never blamed alcohol for any of his actions. He loved surprising her with chocolates on days she had her period and she loved feeding him, them. They went on drives and treks together, the relationship was like an adventure. They wrestled for hours, slow-danced, Jumped like kids on the bed, all on the same night. He had even gone down on his knee on a beach during a college tour and described everything he loved about her and then given her a promise ring in front of at least twenty people. It didn’t work out cause his parents refused to accept a girlfriend from a different belief.

If only She had recalled all of earlier, that this is what Love was supposed to feel like, she probably wouldn’t have given Luke these many chances.

“He didn’t Love me, He pretended to Because he knew I was crazy about him. He only Loved the ‘High’ of the Chase. Always fought his way back into my heart and then completely stopped. Left me there all alone to Put in efforts. Love is not healthy when it is so negative. I’m not even going to try to remember what the fourth fight was about. Why should I? He made a fool of me five times.” Sarah thought to herself, Stood up and went to the kitchen to make herself her daily dose of caffeine.

Stirring the cup She remembered how she woke up feeling energized and positive. “I Guess it’s the best option to forgive and forget.” she said aloud, and took a sip off the spoon.

It was his loss after all. He lost a girl who was madly in love with him and stayed through all of his act-ups. And he was going to realize, she was his ‘ONE THAT GOT AWAY’ eventually. But it might just be too late, then.

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