The wreck You left behind.

Look at what you’ve done,

Taken her sanity like it was your own.

Watching the fire You started,

Smother it till it dies,

Slowly and then all at once.

You let out a smile, your bait.

Like She was a kill to display on your wall.

Bloody proud of the Wreck

 You created of an exuberant soul.

A Wreck that does not trust,

Even when there’s every reason to.

A Wreck that cannot tell

real ones from the faulty anymore.

A Wreck that falls into

The same trap over and over again.

A Wreck who is incapable of

‘Love’ cause suspicion takes over.

Like a predator that got bored

of it’s catch, You deserted her half-eaten.

In search of the ‘high’ from the dying fire

You dive-in someplace new.

She, desperately looking for pieces of Her,

Lost to your lies, walks into infinity.

Hoping She’ll stumble across a memory

That would make Her regret it all.

Hoping for a flashback that would

make Her feel hatred and anger.

But She gets none.

You left behind a Wreck and walked out guilt-free.


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