Grown up or Gone numb?

Never before did she take off on a road trip on her own. Afraid of losing her way and of the highway. Riding just a little above economy was enough to give her butterflies.

Here She is now, off on her bike all alone. Hits the highway at 100 and does not feel a thing. Where did the butterflies go?

Never before did She accept an opinion from her folks without an argument. Constantly trying to make her voice matter She spoke back till she tired or got what she wanted.

Here She is now, walking away from every situation that can give rise to an argument. Not aware of what She wants, herself. What could she argue about?

Never before did She say No to anyone. Considering the guy’s feelings before hers, She caved in all the time and somehow the first date always happened.

Here She is now. The boy She’s known for years, asked her out and all She could give him was a No. Not even fearing the loss of a friendship, She didn’t explain.

Never before did She take a stand for her body. Desperate to convince society that She loved herself, She covered her skinny frame in over-sized shirts.

Here She is now, wearing her shirts cropped and her head high. This time there was no convincing done, She did not care enough anymore.

The inability to feel emotions has set in. Fear. Excitement. Rage. Happiness. Distress. Pain. What are those, now? She’s going Numb, whilst Growing up.

2 responses to “Grown up or Gone numb?”

  1. Going through my head, are those days I felt the same…


    1. Yeah, turns out it ends well. 🙂


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