Lab Rats

As freshers, We entered office, scared and new.
Sir took us to his window and showed us the view.
“You’ve signed up for this.” He said with pride.
Handing us over, to be tested and tried.
‘Lab rats’ we were, the first batch of TOSA.
Spent three semesters trying to take part in NASA.
Together with juniors, a havoc we created.
Breaking dress codes, timings and everything related.
“We won’t wear Kurtas, we won’t wear shoes.
We aren’t engineers, we draft till we snooze.”
“We won’t get permission, let’s surprise them instead.”
Building a brick wall in the middle of our class, we said.
“We went to take prints and got stuck at Silk board.”
We pleaded on reaching class after doors were closed.
The excuses we made up, sound silly today.
Dear juniors, you have it now, the easier way.
But we must say, we’re grateful for the many faculty.
Who’ve contributed to building this TOSA family.
-Mariette L V Robin

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