Dear 16-year-old Me.

Dear Me at 16,

Mom freaked out on seeing that neighbor boy talk to you. Later that day, Dad freaked out too (How could you have a male friend? OMG). They eventually accept that you have friends who are boys. It takes them two years but they’re cool, now. Dad offers beer to my guy friends. (Still doesn’t drink it WITH them, though.)

Your brother is behaving like a third parent and you hate his nosy ass. I now see that he was being protective. Sometimes, wish I had someone take Care of me that way, now that He’s in a different country.

That silly poem you wrote for your best friend, is going to be the first of many more poems. Your diary is going to change into a blog (because Mom found that diary).

Your best friend is slowly becoming someone else’s best friend and you hurt. You’re scared to be on your own, all of a sudden. But you make new friends too. I have four best friends now and they’re all beautiful people.

That boy your new friend started seeing, the one you’re hesitant about? She’s still with him and she’s happy. She’s going to see you through your worst and She’s going to be one of your best.

No, You’re not going to marry that boy you’re with. It’s going to break your heart for the first time but I don’t even think about him now. He’s also the only boyfriend who has met our brother and you’ll never get over the embarrassment. We still go to that mall and laugh about it. Oh, and I’m still in touch with his cousins.

You sit on the drive judging girls who have make up on. Just wait till you’re 20. No, you’ll still be a tomboy, just a tomboy who wears lipstick. (You still get bro-zoned and those boys are awesome.)

You’ve been in all-girls institutions all your life so your closest friends are only girls. Well, five years into co-ed and I have 3 different girl gangs now, spread across the country. GO GIRLS.

Those series you’re forcing yourself to watch, just to fit in? You eventually stop caring about this and so many other things. GOT is the ish now and I haven’t watched it. Grey’s and PLL are my ish.

Your Biology record book, your work of art. You think that book is going to make you a Doctor, some day. Well I’m an Architect. SURPRISE.

Math, you never get rid of it. Sadly Your career is going to revolve around it but it’s okay to suck at integration. I don’t use it at all.

Adulting is not easy, like you expected. Month-ends are a thing. Heart breaks are not the end of the world. Grades do not matter. Scars are beautiful. Learn when you can. Love while you can. Be kind even when there’s no reason to be. You will make it through. You’ll be fine. You’ll survive. You’ll conquer.

Me at 23.

(Inspired by a Post on Instagram)

3 responses to “Dear 16-year-old Me.”

  1. Allll of your postsss are so relatable 😭


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