That Place.

That Place.
Everyone has a place that’s close to them on an intimate level. Some sort of go-to place.

Knowingly or unknowingly we keep finding ourselves back there, in that place. To some, this may be their Happy place. Mine is more like a place where my mind turns blank. I’ve experienced a rush of all emotions just sitting there, mind still blank. It’s like, that one best friend we all yearn for sometimes. Who’d listen without uttering a word, comforting you by doing just that. Ugly cry? Janice laugh? Mushy phonecalls? No judgments passed.

That Place.

10 years ago, just a staircase facing a compound wall. With absolutely No buildings or life around, there was literally no sound. A perfect place to practice Mark Anthony’s speech during 10th Grade finals.

That Place.

Slowly being engulfed by the plants, that would soon be trees. Dad’s way of future-planning to maintain our privacy as houses started coming up. A gorgeous view to the neighboring balconies and that cute boy working out.

That Place.

Laced with fallen flowers and berries that an army of ants carried away very diligently. almost like we hired them for that purpose. A new scene everyday, to describe to the boyfriend while on one of those mushy phone-calls. A trick to never have an awkward silence, I still use this. ‘Describe what you see.’

That Place.

With plants tall enough to hide a fully grown sitting human. But not her canine accomplice. To anyone looking in from those balconies we’d look like a couple of spies, my dog and I. Prince sitting with one hind leg on my foot and peeping through leaves, watching the road. While I read a book or just watched him.

That Place.

Dried leaves strewn all over the stairs, it appeared to be mourning Prince even before I got there. Hands and coat still covered in fur after his last trip to the Vet. As I sat there, unable to step into my own house that was now empty. Crying the loudest I ever have, while those trees swayed hard till the first set of avocados fell to my feet. I felt comforted.

That Place.

Shadows of the now fully grown trees swaying in the moonlight, painting the eeriest backdrop possible. Cousins all huddled up around me, post-dinner for a scary-story-telling session. With every leaf that fell making one scream and the others burst into Janice-laughter. Family dinners are always well spent.


10 years since it all began, it still remains my Go-to Place as I sit here writing this piece.


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