Blurred Faces.

Somewhere whilst growing up, our faces blurred out. Our personalities lost within, our sharpened bodies.

Nurse brings in the new born. “What was your first born?” She asks the mother. “A boy.” The mother replies. “Congrats! your family is now complete.” She says, handing over a baby girl.

The mother smiles unaware of this social norm, where it takes one of each to ‘complete’ a family.

Somewhere down the lane we’ve started comparing babies to pizzas, I see.
Because it seems like that baby boy on his own, cannot complete his family.

That couple who do not want to expand their family, will be forever incomplete.
And god bless that other pair who’s so desperate for one of either, but have neither.
Looks like they will never be a whole.

We live in a world where it takes an existing boy to accept a girl.
A beta to make you proud and a beti to help around.
A boy to keep the family name going and a girl to stare at with lustful eyes.

We hide our own daughters indoors, only to have a good look at someone else’s.
We live through this without even realizing now, men and women.
Men keep staring at Women who’ve stopped caring.

Blurred faces walking into interviews. Into shopping malls. Into churches. Into schools.
Somewhere whilst growing up, our faces blurred out, and exposed limbs sharpened. Pay attention this time, you’ll see.

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