Click click clicking

Ever travelled without a camera?
Phones, Cybershots and now DSLRs.
Click click Clicking the same picture, that 100s of people before you, did for sure.
The same angle.
We all want it.
The same lighting.
We all need it.
If you return home without a picture,
Did it really happen, Sir?
He, who has seen the Taj, has pinched its dome from afar.
She, who has been to Pisa, has pushed it’s Leaning Tower.
Once they’re posted, what happens then?
A new trip taken, leaves these clicks forgotten.
Stashed away in a folder, to never be opened.
Folder after folder.
GBs turn to TBs.
Till it’s throw back, Thursday.
Take me back, Friday.
Click click clicking and posting the same picture over and over, boasting.
Trying to pass the test, where you too have seen the best.
You too have a life.
Here’s my proof.
A throw back.

We all do it.

I’m sure anyone who has seen this building, has this picture. That hyperbolic shell, though. #lecorbusier

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