Social media rant

Okay if you have no intention on reading a rant, kindly spare us both the negativity and stay away.

It’s been less than 24 hours since I reached home from a very fulfilling, soul enriching trip to Egypt. I’m sitting with my parents, showing them a few tiny things I picked up for the house along with some sweets and we are surprised by a visitor, my neighbor from the next block.

“Hello, I see Mariette is back, what did she bring back for us?”

All I could think of was “?????”

I politely said “I was on a budget trip, Uncle. Had enough money to only go around”

He looks shocked and goes on to say “When my brother-in-law returned from Egypt he brought back so many things, you wasted your trip.”

Okay, what the flying fuck?! My parents were clearly embarrassed, but I do not care one bit so I just laughed and said I wish I was as rich as him. But in my mind,
a) I am not your brother-in-law, we’re not even related.
b) Even if I had money to spare, I wouldn’t spend it on you.
c) I wasted my trip by not buying you something, really now???

I thought this was it. One nosy neighbour. But damn, there were so many more DMs on Instagram and WhatsApp texts as the day passed asking the same thing. All of these from people who didn’t bother asking me about my experience and how the trip was. If you sent me a text and you’re reading this…


I don’t like you.

I don’t believe in obligations.

Been a while now.

I picked up a few souvenirs for my close family and friends. Some for those who specifically asked for something that I could find easily and some even sent me money to bring them what they wanted (for all of these cases, it was with pleasure and I love you) But apart from that I didn’t even buy myself much. ‘Cause honestly, if I’m excess on cash, I’d rather go on another trip than spend it on shopping.

But still, allow me to explain. I went to Egypt to experience the culture, to see the pyramids that I studied about, to try a brand new cuisine and most importantly, to spend time with my brother whom I haven’t seen in years. In short, to tick something off MY bucket list in which buying stuff for you isn’t there. So please, if you expect something from Egypt, please buy yourself some plane tickets, go through the Visa hassle and get it yourself. KayThanksBye.

Travelogue coming soon. ❤️

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