Gokarna in the monsoon – 2018

Okay this one is long over due! It’s just that, Everytime I sat to finish up this article, I’d end up writing about something else.


Before we go into details, if you’re looking for details on the beach trek, I’m sorry. This trip mostly consisted of us relaxing on the beach and treating ourselves to some amazing food in as many shacks as possible.


We took a sleeper bus from Bangalore overnight to save the daylight for fun and wandering. The journey is about 12 hours and is not very comfortable let me warn you. A couple of things I learnt from the to journey that I made sure I followed in the return journey are:

  1. Make sure you pee whenever they stop and even if you don’t feel like at that time. Trust me on this. Your bladder will thank me later.
  2. Try and fall asleep almost as soon as you board the bus. Just so you’re knocked out during the hairpin bends. Because once that begins, you’ll never fall asleep!
  3. Get as much sleep as possible. You’ll need it so you can enjoy the weekend like a normal adult.

We reached Gokarna at 9 in the morning only to walk out into rain. This wasn’t a surprise, Obviously. we were prepared with umbrellas and rain gear after all so many people instructed us to postpone the trip.

Who goes to the beach in the rain?

We’ll, why not? I’d rather get drenched than burn, thanks very much.

At the bus stand we made a call to namaste Cafe to check on accommodation. They said it’s available but there wouldn’t be any hot water. That disappointed me a little but we took it.
A short auto ride later, we booked two rooms for five of us. The rooms were attached in a way that they were separated by only a door in between which was great. We quickly freshened up so we could go fill our starving stomachs with some breakfast. The cafe has a wide variety of cuisines. Name a dish and they have it. And bonus points for getting to eat it with a view of the sea.




We just had some toast and a huge masala omelette. The sea looked way too tempting to let us enjoy our breakfast in peace. We were done in a few minutes and headed out for a walk.



Some parts of the beach initially were disgusting and even creepy. We spotted this water snake that was dead but also shrinking. Guhh. And some random dung and dog poop.

But it got better as we moved to a more secluded area. Water was cleaner and there were lesser people. It was a very long trek from one beach to another, through roads mostly because we didn’t take the Rocky routes. But the views were so worth the effort.



We come across a random black cat with yellow eyes on this stretch. It was so strange because cats aren’t very friendly from what I’ve known and they run away when you call them. But this one just quickened its pace from the hillside down towards us. And it definitely didn’t look friendly. In fact, it kept walking towards us but didn’t seem to get closer. I have no idea if it was the beer or just a super weird cat.

At the end of this stretch we made it to a clean beach, secluded and peaceful. We spent sometime running around and dodging the water till we noticed that we were the only ones there by now. No dogs even.

Except for a life guard who was probably smoking up in his cabin. So we thought we’d strip to our swimwear and dive in after lunch. A good two hours of sea gazing later we were hungry and got our asses up to hunt for some food. There’s a restaurant or shack right on the kudle beach called ocean front resort. We were all ready to treat ourselves to some amazing sea food and this place sounded right.




We got some fried fish and prawns and the vegetarians got some sandwiches and everything seemed perfect. We left the place with happy tummies, all set to get into the water.



The thing with beaches and me is that I don’t realise time and how much of it has passed by. All of a sudden we notice the sun setting and freak out because it’s a long trek uphill to get out of the place. We quickly get dressed and leave to hopefully make it back before dark.



We made it back to our rooms in an hour and freshened up before heading back to the cafe for dinner and sea gazing again. We started off with some pakodas and filter coffee. The coffee is to die for, I was too busy savouring it so I don’t have a picture. Further in, we got some omelette, prawns, fish. And for some reason I wanted to end it with a Nutella banana pancake. I literally order this everywhere I go even if it’s not for breakfast because it can never go wrong. I mean, can chocolate go wrong? So here’s a hazy picture of that cause I had beer too. Sorry.


We stayed at the cafe eating and drinking all evening till they shut off the lights. Lol. I’m telling you, there’s something that the sea does to me. So we headed back after that embarrassing send off and soon enough we passed out dreaming of that weird cat and the dead snake. Coincidentally all of us had similar creepy yet funny dreams.

The next morning, I happened to wake up by 6 and couldn’t go back to sleep. So obviously the sea was calling. I snuck out and realised two others were up too so we went back to the sea to watch the sunrise. Whatever was left of it at least.


It was such a soothing sight to the eyes and the fresh air was a bonus. I spotted some fungi that looked so pretty I had to take a picture of it.


Soon enough all of us were up and we went back to the cafe to grab some quick breakfast before the days plan began. Today’s plan in the first half was to have a look at Gokarna city, the temple area and shopping streets. We came across some interesting graffiti and picked up a few hippie tees.

Next we intended to have lunch at Zostel because if we hadn’t gotten a room at namaste Cafe, this is where we planned on staying. The route by foot was not pleasant at all. We had to cross all sorts of restaurant drains, dirty springs and rickety Bridges.

But we came across one guy who didn’t really make conversation with us but strangely matched his pace to ours and kept looking back to see if we were okay. It was funny and also nice, cause he did the dirty work of finding the best way out and all we had to do was follow him.

We ended up taking a pit stop for beer and resting at another shack on the way and lost the boy after that (Sigh) At this shack, the seating was very similar to what I had seen at Hampi. They have bedding where you can relax and hang around for as long as you want. Some people came in offering to give us a hippie braid so three of us got it done.

We couldn’t help finishing lunch there so Zostel was postponed to tea time. We wanted to make it there too see the much hyped view from the cafe. It’s all over every blog and tour guide. So we finally made it in the evening to freshen up with some lemonade.

By now it was time to head back to pick up our baggage and make it on time for our buses. We reached back and collected our stuff from the reception. They were kind enough to watch over it without any extra charge and even allowed us to use the washroom to freshen up and change. We took an auto from outside the cafe to the bus stand (there’s always at least 10 of them at any given time). And that was the end of a great recreational trip. And of course we peed wherever we got a chance whole returning. Haha!

Total cost of trip- 4.8k per person.

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  1. Every season has its charm along with some discomfort……. One just needs to tweek their itinerary to get the best out of it. Beautiful photographs, splendid views and yes what an experience 🙂

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