Master’s in Italy-Common questions answered

How to apply?

Each university has a unique process and the one I’m familiar with is detailed out here, have a look. How to apply. Beyond this I don’t think you would have any more queries regarding application. If you still do, go through the website again. After all you’re going to invest time and money in this university. Read up first hand information thoroughly before anything else.

How is the course?

This can be different for different courses. As a student here for almost 9 months, I can say that it is very different from Indian education system. Especially in the Architecture and Urban Planning courses. We have both advantages and disadvantages. We were taught the rugged way in India, Sheets were torn, insults were made, presentations interrupted. But end of the day we could clear exams by studying in the last few days. Here however you have to put in daily effort. There are many assignments sometimes one every week in every subjects so it can get very hectic. But in the end of the course, during exams you will be aware of your syllabus for sure. Most courses are theoretical but very interesting. The professors are highly qualified and professional. You would rarely face other issues like racism while studying here so there is nothing to worry about.

What is the process to get your Visa?

Did you get your admission letter yet? If you did then read this. Visa process If you did not, please give it some time. People answering your queries are taking time out especially for you so don’t waste their time.

What are the scholarships available and how to apply?

This is again different for each university. For DSU in Milan you can read up here. DSU For the dates you will have to check the website regularly. We are students as well and that’s how we get our information too you know 🙂

Can I work part-time jobs while studying?

Of course it is possible but do you know the local language? Can you manage time for your course as well? If you say yes to both, that’s great. It won’t be easy to get part-time jobs in your own field. You will have to make do with delivery jobs or Child care or home tutoring etc.

Job placements after the course?

We all know that the job market is hit severely globally so Its is no different here in Italy. The university organises job fairs for students so you can make use of that. Apart from that I wouldn’t dream too much about this, the degree is enough to get you better job than one you would have got with a degree back home. So moderate you expectations and you won’t be disappointed.

Cost of living in Italy?

I wouldn’t be able talk about any other city than Milan which is the most expensive city in Italy. I’d say it all depends on you and your needs. If you successfully get your DSU scholarship your expenses would be bare minimum. If you don’t, it all depends on the type of accommodation you plan on staying in. A single room in Milan can cost you anywhere between 400-650 EUR and a shared one can cost you between 250 to 400 EUR. Of course, the further you stay from the city the cheaper it gets. If you cook all your meals your monthly grocery bills would be well under 150 EUR. Transportation is negligible. You can take the annual card for 200 EUR and use it to travel around the city for the whole year. A phone plan costs about 10-14 EUR. These are all that I spend on so I can’t think of anything else.

Can you help me choose my course?

Nope. That is on you. Come on. I took a year of research to decide on my course. You don’t have to take a year but don’t let a stranger you met on the internet make that call for you.

If you have further questions, leave a comment and I will answer. Please don’t personal message and E-mail because the purpose is to help all of you. Answering repeated questions personally can get tedious considering I’m a student here as well. 🙂 Good luck!


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