City and Infrastructure (technology)| Bangalore

Graham says, an example of carefully networked emerging urban enclaves of ‘high-tech’ production and innovation that are emerging in in the newly constructed high-tech production and innovation spaces of the South is Bangalore in India. No doubt in that considering the statistics showing the city’s huge spike in employment over the past decade. While the city now can be considered the silicon valley of India, It wasn’t always seen as a land where technology would flourish. Bangalore evolved into a hub for public sector industries shortly after independence when Companies like Bharat Heavy Electronics, Aerospace Laboratories etc moved their head quarters to the now booming tech capital. This created an IT revolution in the 2000s for the country. Graham also refers to electronic city, a district in Bangalore where three-quarters of a mile from the centre, several hundred acres of ‘offshore’ technology campus have been configured to house companies like Texas Instruments (undertaking circuit design), IBM, 3-M and Motorola. The Indian firm Wipro, another major presence, exploits advanced communications to use India’s cheap software programmers to service many of the world’s computers remotely. To encourage such revolutions, the Indian government launched startup India in To date, this project has led to over 234,000 registrations of which 182 have received funding. But the success and constant need for more came with its own downfall.
“Indeed, whilst the bulk of public and infrastructural investment centres on linking the new parks globally and securing them locally, the local municipality has actively worked to bulldoze ‘illegal’ self-built housing areas in the name of a civic modernisation ‘clean-up’ programme. Thus it is clear that ‘the recent internationalization of Bangalore has had a negative impact on the poor”

Reference | Graham, S., & Marvin, S. (2001). Splintering Urbanism. London, New York: Routledge.
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Elite business magazine

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